Technology Transfer 4.0

Great expertise in the Industry 4.0 sector.

  • Technological fields:
    • G-Cloud;
    • N-Information and management systems.
  • Related activities:
    • 2.1 – Technological training;
    • 2.4 – Training and consultancy on organizational and/or business, technical and industrial models;
    • 2.7 – Organizational and process innovation in services;
    • 2.9 – Analysis, monitoring and technological brokerage services;
    • 2.10 – Development of application software and customization of packages and market platforms related to 4.0 technologies.

ISO 9001 A35-37

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized reference standard for quality management.
Orma lab is certified by CSQA and IQNET for the following services:

Design and provision of financial and managerial management and administrative consultancy as well as provision of corporate training services