Project Management

Project management represents a consistently results-oriented management system, capable of offering answers to the problems that exist today in companies and which depend on the crisis of production processes, management and organization systems belonging to obsolete paradigms.

A project is a set of people and resources temporarily brought together to obtain a unique product or service, with three sets of defined objectives: duration -cost( budget) – final result ( scope of work)

help to clarify a project before starting it; identify the risks associated with its implementation; organize a project so as to complete it within the terms of cost and time; deal with changes in project management; support an active exchange of information between the parties involved.

It is an activity of the mind because it is based on the competence acquired in rigorously using even complex programming and management tools. It is an activity of the heart because it cannot be separated from continuous contact with the team and with customers, from “staying on the piece”, to courageously guide the project through constant adaptation to a changing reality.

Orma Lab has experts with many years of experience in defining and managing complex projects, and is ready to guide you in mentoring processes to transfer strategic know-how to your key resources.

We identify all the crucial features for achieving the objectives, allowing you to have a clear and transparent vision of the achievements, thus making your project a winner from the first step.