Intellectual Property Consulting

Creativity involves the conception of ideas, alternatives or possibilities and a fresh perspective on situations or problems, while invention is the practical application of creative thinking.

Valuing intangible assets

What is not measurable is also decisive for the enhancement and growth of the company. Trademarks, patents, domains, commercial licenses, personnel skills, company know-how, process optimization: intangible assets constitute the added value for a company and increase it from an economic and financial point of view.

Valuing intangible assets and company patents is an essential activity for a company that wants to increase its visibility on the market, make a difference in terms of productivity, skills and business efficiency.

Orma Lab consultancy on patents and intellectual property

Orma Lab’s work aims to offer consultancy on trademarks and patents to support companies, SMEs, public administrations, professionals, consultancy firms, universities aimed at accelerating and enhancing intangible assets and protecting intellectual property.

Our services include: Advice on industrial property rights protection strategies. Research on inventions and research, state of the art at a certain date and in relation to a certain topic. Study, drafting and filing of applications for patents, utility models and designs. Assistance in examination procedures in order to obtain patent registration. Control and management service of property rights for the purposes of maintenance and renewal. Economic and strategic evaluation of industrial property rights. Transfer of know-how on the structuring of R&D assets within the company.