Feasibility studies

Identification of risks and opportunities for your companies

Entrepreneurial intuition sometimes suggests interesting new paths, but the initial idea will have to pass the sieve of an estimate of the potential implementation solutions, risks, times and costs: this is where feasibility studies become useful for an analytical and structured evaluation of the investment on the project.

Based on many years of experience in the field of disruptive innovation, we offer requirements analysis services, feasibility studies and demo creation for the realization of projects that need to be evaluated by stackeholders and require an estimate of realization in terms of times , costs and evaluation of technological alternatives.

The activity of the study has a component of a technological nature which includes an evaluation of the implementation in terms of dedicated resources, development times, selection of the possible technologies involved, competitor analysis, analysis of any critical issues as well as potential benefits. It also includes an economic component with assessment of investment costs and evolutionary maintenance of the project over time.

Typically, the requirements analysis is the preliminary study aimed at circumscribing and defining the characteristics and functions that must be covered by the technology as a whole. With the agile approach adopted in Orma Lab, this activity occurs immediately in phase 0, i.e. at the start of the project, with an active and transparent participation of the various stakeholders involved: development team, customer team and any third party operating groups.

Subsequently, once the project has started, team organization and preparation of the work environments continue to repeat itself for each incremental progress, in a streamlined and iterative way.

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