Data processing

Accounting data processing service for businesses and professionals.

The Orma Lab data processing service supports SMEs, companies and PAs in the management and performance of each individual activity to deal with delays dictated by bureaucracy and tax obligations.

With management solutions designed around the company’s business model, we digitize many processes to accelerate entrepreneurial growth. The data processing service that Orma Lab offers to professionals and companies includes models of:

Back office

entering new contracts, reorders, terminations in CRM and company systems; Complaints: management of complaints through the Customer portal, by telephone, web or fax; Data Entry and DB Qualification; Management of emails, letters and correspondence.

Proactive Engagement

Omnichannel solutions for customer involvement: customer care, customer service, help desk, switchboard management, order management, toll-free numbers, complaint service management, automated services, information services, after-sales support, web contact center.

Virtual Secretariat

Email management and appointment calendar; Activation of video conferences, webinar meetings and conference calls; Updating of cloud archives; travel arrangements; Compilation of reports, minutes, practices and administrative documents.

Accounting Processing

Online services for the processing of technical-economic accounting data, feasibility and market studies, financing analysis, investment analysis, provision of data calculation and printing services on own account, third parties and with third parties of fiscal, tributary, corporate administrative data, office automation. Rental of the Genya One Click platform and Genya Fattura Smart.